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Anita Abeltina z Cesis o pobycie w Malborku

Dzisiaj trochę niecodziennie, mamy dla Państwa relację z pobytu w Malborku Anity Abeltiny z miasta Cesis na Łotwie, która odwiedziła zamek w ramach międzynarodowego programu Leonarda da Vinci. Anita spędziła w Malborku blisko dwa tygodnie -  poniżej dzieli się z nami swoimi wrażeniami:
"I do not like autumn. But Malbork meets me-, the guest- from not so far away Livonian Order Master residence in Latvia (Cesis), simply fantastically.
When, reaching the mighty castle walls, I was desperately searching where is the main entrance, the first thing I saw... was probably the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order himself on the horse!! Fantastic!

Once inside the castle courtyard, you see the castle in all its majesty. Here at last I felt myself as in a real castle ( as in films about knights: knights on the horses next to me). Completely surreal.

The first presentation of the Malbork castle – and autumn has disappeared. The day is warm and very, very sunny as in summer. I would like to say that not only the days were sunny but also all people I met and with whom I was acquainted. Especially, my kind guide and companion Marek Stokowski. Many thanks to him for such a heartfelt and truly interesting story! And indeed, I’d like fully to agree with his view that the main thing we take with us when leaving some place, are feelings and memories about people whom we have met.

The knowledge I have acquired here on the castle management, Castle Museum’s Conference Centre Karwan and   Malbork Welcome Centre operation is very valuable, but the greatest value of all, to my mind, are the newly acquired contacts, because I’d like in future that there would develop a closer link between the castles!" 
author: Anita Abeltina, Cesis, Latvia

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